Relational Horsemanship

Natural Horsemanship “Relational Horsemanship” is a term used to describe the non verbal communication or language between horses and humans. It goes beyond training and is based more on relationship, communication, leadership and developing a working partnership with your horse.

Jennifer Lee of Relational Horsemanship LLC uses Natural Horsemanship techniques to focus on building and maintaining the horse/human relationship. We strive to teach people to put the relationship with the horse above the task at hand.

We offer group opportunities in Relational Horsemanship training. Classes start with teaching the basics; how to move the horse, how to read the horse, leadership and communication to name a few. These classes will challenge you to learn more about equine behavior and communication. Our goal is to have students focus on an equine partnership based on clear communication and trust. We work with various “personalities” of horses and teach you to communicate with each of them in an effective manner.

Group classes include instruction, hands on applications and homework. These classes can be structured for youth, adults and specific groups.

Relational Horsemanship classes are available to anyone desiring to learn more about horse training, communication and handling. The focus is not riding, but rather the other components of Horsemanship, handling on the ground, safety and problem solving behavioral issues.

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