How do I access your programs? 

Please contact us through our website or call us directly at 231- 421-3958

What type of discharge do I need to have to be able to participate in your programs?

We request an Honorable Discharge or equivalent.

What do your programs cost?

There is no charge for veterans and first responders enrolled in our veterans’ and Masterson Method programs.  However, our community programs have varying, budget-friendly costs. If you are curious about the cost of specific programs or special rates, please contact us directly.

I am not a combat Vet; can I still participate in your programs?

Yes, we welcome all veterans into our programs.

I do not have a VA disability rating. Can I still participate in programs?

Yes, we welcome persons with all abilities, and a disability does not affect your participation in our programs.

Can my spouse or children use your programs?

Unfortunately, only veterans and first responders can participate in our veteran-specific programs and events. However, we also offer a variety of community support programs that family members are certainly welcome to participate in.  Our volunteer opportunities also offer a way for family members to be included.

I was/am in the guard or reserve. Can I participate in your programs? 

Yes, we welcome active duty as well as those who have served in the guard and reserve free of charge, just as we do our veterans and first responders.

What programs do you offer to Veterans? 

We offer a variety of programs for veterans. Please see a full list here:
Veteran Programming

Do I need to supply any paperwork or documentation? 

Yes, a copy of the DD214 is required to participate in programs, and we will request basic information from you at intake.
We will not share your information with anyone per HIPPA guidelines. 

Who can I call to ask questions? 

We will happily answer questions at the ranch phone. Please call 231-421-3958 to get in touch!

I am not a Veteran, but I would like to help out. What can I do to help?

Welcome to the family! It takes a village to run a ranch, and we are always happy to receive new help.  The best way to join the ranch is by volunteering with us or making a financial contribution. To learn more about these opportunities:

Volunteer Opportunites

Donation Page

I would like to make a financial contribution. Who can I call? 

We accept financial donations through the “Donate” page on our website. However, if you are more comfortable with checks, please mail your donations to  Reining Liberty Ranch, 4656 Silver Pines Rd. Traverse City, MI 49685. If you have any other questions about donations, please call us at 231-421-3958 or e-mail ReiningLibertyRanch@gmail.com

I have a horse I would like to donate. Can you accept it as a donation? 

In some cases, we graciously accept horses from our donors. If this kind of donation interests you, please contact us via phone (231-421-3958) or email (ReiningLibertyRanch@gmail.com)  and be ready to work with our equine team to assess your potential donation.

Are you a non-profit tax-exempt organization? 

Yes, Reining Liberty Ranch is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit tax-exempt organization