Grand Traverse Horses 4 Heroes


Grand Traverse Horses 4 Heroes (affiliated with Horses 4 Heroes) offers equine related experiences and various services to the heroes in our community, including but not limited to Military Personnel: Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines and US Coast Guard (Active Duty and Veterans) and first responders: Fire fighters, Police, EMT etc.

Reining Liberty Ranch offers equine programs that include both mounted and unmounted activities with horses. All riding disciplines are represented (English,Western and Gymkhana- games on horseback). Our H4H Program begins with Groundwork (Relational Horsemanship). Participants learn to communicate effectively with horses, work as a team, problem solve and build relationships with other Veterans.

Reining Liberty Ranch offers multiple levels of Horses 4 Heroes programs with both Relational Horsemanship & Riding for area Veterans. All Horses 4 Heroes Programs are free of charge.

We offer area Veterans:
Phase 1 (Groundwork)
Phase 2 (Riding)
Phase 3 (Preparation for trail riding)
Phase 4 (Trail Riding)


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“There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.” – Winston Churchill

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