Wish List

Here is a wish list of currently items needed for the Stable and Equine related programs.

 (With the exception of helmets, items can be new or used)



2-small, , 2 extra large                 ($30-$50 each)


Western saddles, various tree widths, 16, 17 & 18 inch seat sizes

Endurance saddles, 16 inch or bigger seat sizes

English saddles, 18 inch seat size or larger

 Youth size saddles, any type


English and gentle western bits, and curb chains


English and western, Average horse, cob and size

Saddle pads,     

(2 English, 2 Western) CSI brand saddle pads with flex-plate technology. These are very expensive and extremely important to protecting the horses back with heavy unbalanced riders.  These keep the horses from becoming sore.  ($350 each)


 Natural Horsemanship Equipment:

(Parelli style, can purchase on line from Hand Crafted Jewels Rope Horse Tack for less.)

Rope halters,

(1)-average horse size- turquoise blue, ( 1)-arab size black, (approx $15 from Hand Crafted Jewels)

 Natural Horsemanship leads,  

barrel twist, and leather popper ends

 Red, Lime green & black, Turquoise blue, purple, – 12 foot length,                                              (Approx $40)

 (2)- 22 foot length  (black)                                                        (Approx $60)


 General Stable needs

(1)  Three step plastic mounting stairs                                                                                                  (Approx $80)

(10) Bridle brackets- black                                                            ($2-4 each)

(6)  Western safety stir-ups                                                           ($40-$100)

(2) English safety stir-ups or peacock stir-ups-lg size              ($30)


Arena Equipment

Cones, barrels, poles, flags, hula hoops, umbrellas, exercise balls, etc.


Riding boots,    

All styles and sizes, nice to have for riders who do not have the appropriate foot ware.


Stable supplies

Underwood Horse Medicine                               (Square Deal Country Store)

Vetericyn and Banixx Spray                                       ( TSC, Square Deal)

Hoof knife                                                                      (TSC or Square Deal)

Hoof rasp                                                                       (TSC or Square Deal)

Davis Soaking Boot                                                      (TSC or Square Deal)


Horse blankets and sheets,

Winter blankets, waterproof sheets and fly sheets are always needed. Most common size used is 64-68, 72-74/75.  Any brand


Most common feeds used for our horses

We purchase our feeds from Hilltop Feeds


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