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The Veteran community garden is a place where some of our Veterans come together frequently during the summer months to grow vegetables, herbs and flowers. They plan the layout of the garden in the spring and decide what plants they want to grow. They delegate who will responsible to care for each part of the garden. It is quite incredible to watch them work as a team. Veterans come to the ranch at all hours to maintain the garden. It is rewarding to watch them plan, grow and to then to harvest. It gives many Veterans purpose and a reason to come out and enjoy the ranch. At the the end of the season they harvest. The Veterans and all of the volunteers are blessed by the fruits of their labor as we eat dishes together prepared from their harvest. We enjoyed zucchini bread and homemade salsa along with other seasonal vegetables, herbs and fresh flowers.






Photos taken by Jonathan Reed

Agricultural Livestock Husbandry is another facet of the ranch. Our Veterans have raised and maintained various agricultural animals such as Chickens, Ducks, and pigs. In the future they are looking at adding other animals such as sheep and goats.

Meet the chickens





Photos taken by Melissa Kuhns



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