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Jennifer Lee and family

Photo taken by Beryl Striewski Photography

Thank you for considering Reining Liberty Ranch as a possible home to donate or lease your horse or pony! Many of our horses have been donated by individuals like you, and we could not continue without your support.


Consider if your horse would be happy as a therapeutic riding horse…

Being a therapeutic riding horse is a physically, emotionally, and mentally challenging job.



Qualities we are looking for in a therapy horse…

• The best therapeutic riding horses have good ground manners and they do not mind being handled and approached by different individuals.

• They are 100% sound, and have a patient demeanor.

• They tend to have more of a curious nature instead of a flight instinct, especially when presented with something new or when being put in a new situation.

• Horses will need to be comfortable with one or two side-walkers (one person on each side of the horse assisting the rider) while walking and trotting in the lesson.

• Be unflappable (nothing bothers them)

• Have full and complete vision

• Have a solid, strong back and be well saddle broke (all gaits)

• Be forgiving of an inexperienced and unbalanced rider. Horses can come from many different backgrounds including show horses, school horses, trail horses, rescue and family pets.


At times, Reining Liberty Ranch may consider acceptance of a horse on different lease options. If you would like pursue an arrangement with RLR other than a donation, please provide details on the horse donation form.


Horse Donation Process:

The horse donation process is as follows:

1. Owner fills out the prospective horse donation form. This form can be filled out online  (see online form below)

2. Owner must provide RLR with pictures (at least one head shot and one profile) of the horse and we prefer a short video of the horse being lunged and ridden at the walk, trot, and canter. If the pictures and video are available online (via YouTube, for example), then indicate on the donation form where our staff can locate them. If they are not available online, you can e-mail them to us at (if the files are relatively small).

3. If the horse/pony fits our current needs and facility space, we will contact you and set up a time for our intake team to come interview the horse.

4. If the horse seems to meet the program’s needs after the interview, we will bring the horse in on a minimum 90 day trial, and the owner will enter in a Horse Trial Agreement with RLR. During the trial period, we will continue to evaluate him/her for suitability for therapeutic riding and hippotherapy (a therapy session conducted by a PT, OT, or Speech Language Pathologist).

5. Before we accept a horse for donation, we may conduct a vet check towards the end of the trial period.


Reining Liberty Ranch is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit


Online Donation Form

Measured in "hands", to the top of the withers, 1 "hand" is equal to 4 inches

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